Wednesday, March 20, 2013


have been to Lahad Datu once
its a good place.
every where is a good place actually
indeed I would said that.

YES, they and its should be protected.
all eyes are on them, on LAHAD DATU
prayers and dua' being said
for the sake of our country
and for the sake those who is protecting us

kadang-kadang terfikir.
aq sabahan. i should be there instead being here
i should be together protecting instead of having fun here

at the end, education can change the world too
LAHAD DATU, KK, LABUAN, be safe :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

ni hao ma?

*uhuk uhuk.. Mandarin Language Part 2, Semester 5
Muka ada macam cina, tapi cant speak mandarin well. PITY PITY..
Menyesal xblajar bhasa cina betul2 dlu.. if not, i can even be the rich chinese grandpa's granddaughter.. muahaha
well, for this semester, please please please be nice to me,i'm begging you. thats all i've ever wish for. hewhewhew

Sunday, September 2, 2012

my dirty little desk

meja, letak laoptop, on it, layan anime! yup, thats me, almost the whole time..
now, right now, supposedly trying to finish my assignment, bila tiba2 teringat kan 'Problem Loading Page' :)

being away from the desk about a week last week makes me wonder what an assignment is #ehhhh
i'm one day away from the due date

what to do, a true procrastinator will not try not to procrastinate #TrueStory
TPT340 Transport Society and Environment, you make me suffer from lack of anime today.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'we need fear to survive'

the opposition said that, we need other feeling instead only fear to survive.
at the end, the motion was rejected! wuhuuu.. congrates opposition!
anis, anith, naim

well govt, congrates to you guys too..
ama, mira, fikhri