Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Precious, Priceless..

thanx for a great day ah kmu; diana, abg, adek, zakwan, and awng!!! having a lots, LOTS of fun today, eventhough we didn't get to play bowling.. huhu still thanx ADEK n AWNG for the shake, luv it soo much.. haha ^^

  • me and diana p makan pizza+ spagethi, abg,adek + awang, zakwan came..
  • hbs makan, adek blanja ice shake.. THANX..^^
  • wanna go play some boling, but its FULL..=(
  • we went back to bb's store to exchange pd.. ada wyg bha liau., kehkeh.. then, meanwhile, kmi nea mmg x ble duduk diam bha, ada jak mo d bwat... ahaha.. cian bb.. =}
*haha.. zakwan cap cctv tuh webcam.. then bila awang tgk tuh cctv dalam2, dia cap awang bwat cctv tuh teropong.. haha.=} abng was holding, songkok(?) bersanding tuh, and was doing a <3 style="font-family: times new roman;">
  • around2 UK, went to cd store, stop by at delihan, where anest is working, (keep it up girl).. huhu
  • then, went to parkson, c bb suru d boys cuba2 baju, mok snap their pic kunu.. haha.. then we said to awng and adek who wore track bottom to get a jeans.. haha(sorry guys..^^)
    • bb went to see caps and i'm on her back.. i've triend one of the caps and said to them,"kalo kmu x pakai, kmu gay ah.." haha.. that time, only abg was listening and diana was laugh to death sua.. apa lae, c abg pun pakai la.. haha

    • jalan2, stay2, gambr2.. and this is my dirty little skandal.. haha
    • and then, awng spent us on ice shake.. hehe.. its the 2nd ice shake for me, adek n himself.. haha
    • last port, ddk2 dkt pentas.. hehe

    its really a something la hari nea... kehkehkehe.. highlights; WORDS OF THE DAY:G*Y.. ^^

    *still' i'm hoping that kuna, and kira were there.. and ili too.. huhu.. ;}
    * picture, mostly creadit: nurdiana..=}

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    "Diligence is the mother of good luck" ~ Benjamin Franklin ~

    Sunday, March 28, 2010



    Wednesday, March 24, 2010


    i sing like taylor swift because i'm single.. haha so the epic!!

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010


    uhu, lately, i'm busy-ing filling the scholarship form.. ah, tired owh liau.. huhu me filling the petronas's, shell's, PNB's, hong leong's, TM's, ah bnyak lae kali.. also bozy filling the UPU, poli's form.. penat~ sudah la x layak ambek engnering, sedih ne.. *sob,sob.. naseb bek layak ambek asasi undang2 d UIAM.. hehe.. and this time, dpt mana2, i'll do better, this is my promise ya, cross my heart [X].. hehe
    also, things that happend this week is sooooo idk.. hehe.. i think i like him, but i dont knw if i should let him know bout this #*_*#
    but, the other guy who is happy with his gf, dont worry,sadly, you took a piece of my heart and you will always gonna be at the special part of my heart.. uhu

    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    gathering 2010

    uhu.. ex-5 HBS 2009 gathering picknik day!!! hehe.. really miss all the girls!!! wlupun x smua yg dtg, it still a lot of fun.. really, thanx la to all yg dtg n make our picnk(yg berkali2 tertunda) come true..this is also the first time me watch and experience myself tgk KIRA n KUNA driving, so lucky n jelous of them yg bakal2 menjadi antara pemandu d labuan neyh.. hehe ^_^
    eventhough its not much to wrote here, theres thousands of memories of it with me, i'm gonna keep in forever!!! n yet, a pictu
    re worth a thousand words~
    *photographer of the day:IZZAH..(kunu la.. hehe)

    kuna taking my pic, where she took her pic on the glasses..?? haha

    hot pic here!!! haha

    ITS OUR LOVE!!! hehe

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    THIS IS IT..

    huhu.. x mau cakap banyak la kan... this is my SPM 2009'S result... frustrating, but, a its relief.. mum, abah, rin, nur, mimie, zila, thanx for supporting me yarh..
    anyway best student smk mutiara batch 92, ILINURATHIRAH + MOHD AMIN, 9A'S..

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010


    its 10 march 2010. and tomorrow is 11 march 2010, the day the beginning of my next chapter of my life... result SPM 2009 will be reveal tomorrow.. nervous+uneasy+feeling like crying+happy+sad.. banyak macam perasaan bercampur baur.. huhu..wish myself a lot of best of luck!! ngan batch 1992 all over malaysia..=))
    (abah, mum, rin, anur, mimi,ila + my big family, i will make u proud..!! love you!!)

    *later that night, having late conversation ngan ABG, ILI N DIANA.. huhu

    Sunday, March 7, 2010


    huhu.. it was the main reason why we went to town today..
    then my friends invites me to pizza to have some bite.. huhu.. *siok tp x lama.. hehe, mum suru p potong rambut.. ngeeeee~ then there it is, the diff btwen bfore and after(pic of diff day..)

    Friday, March 5, 2010

    argh~ so sad...

    i just watch this movies last night, so touching lor..*sob, sob..
    movie tittle:THREADS OF DESTINY

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    did u got it..?? haha

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    first day of March 2010

    huhu... i just updating my UPU form.. huhu.. i'm choosing engeneering(?) that is suggested by my parents..=)) hopefully to got a good grades for SPM... AMIN