Saturday, March 13, 2010

gathering 2010

uhu.. ex-5 HBS 2009 gathering picknik day!!! hehe.. really miss all the girls!!! wlupun x smua yg dtg, it still a lot of fun.. really, thanx la to all yg dtg n make our picnk(yg berkali2 tertunda) come true..this is also the first time me watch and experience myself tgk KIRA n KUNA driving, so lucky n jelous of them yg bakal2 menjadi antara pemandu d labuan neyh.. hehe ^_^
eventhough its not much to wrote here, theres thousands of memories of it with me, i'm gonna keep in forever!!! n yet, a pictu
re worth a thousand words~
*photographer of the day:IZZAH..(kunu la.. hehe)

kuna taking my pic, where she took her pic on the glasses..?? haha

hot pic here!!! haha

ITS OUR LOVE!!! hehe

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