Wednesday, March 17, 2010


uhu, lately, i'm busy-ing filling the scholarship form.. ah, tired owh liau.. huhu me filling the petronas's, shell's, PNB's, hong leong's, TM's, ah bnyak lae kali.. also bozy filling the UPU, poli's form.. penat~ sudah la x layak ambek engnering, sedih ne.. *sob,sob.. naseb bek layak ambek asasi undang2 d UIAM.. hehe.. and this time, dpt mana2, i'll do better, this is my promise ya, cross my heart [X].. hehe
also, things that happend this week is sooooo idk.. hehe.. i think i like him, but i dont knw if i should let him know bout this #*_*#
but, the other guy who is happy with his gf, dont worry,sadly, you took a piece of my heart and you will always gonna be at the special part of my heart.. uhu