Monday, May 30, 2011

segamat..?? huh, naaaa..

muka penat X3 but not me :)


30th MAY 2011
KLIA, next to TBS
stranded at the kfc

bus departure at 2.30 PM
then arrived at UiTM Segamat at 5.30 PM

class started today
and here i am, JUST arrived

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

never confuse between education and intelligence
25th MAY 2011
the officially the end of second semester
the beginning of the third semester

intelligence is what count
it shows who you are

for all the good's and the bad things that have been happening
couldn't be any grateful :')

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

stay calm

stay calm
and play
examination result wont bite me aite.?
pray ONLY for the best

Monday, May 16, 2011

teachers :)

to all who teach me soo many things
persons who so called TEACHER
those who have been my teachers for these past 19 years of my life

Tadika Muhibbah, Tadika Riang Ria, Tadika St Anne
SK Kerupang, SK St Anne
Sekolah Agama Lajau, Sekolah Agama Pekan
SMKA Limauan, SMK Mutiara

++ cikgu2 tusyen
currently, UiTM Segamat
and still counting..

thank you for everything

for me,
you guys are all awesome, great, one of a kind and
you are irreplaceable
you are part of the reason
i became who i am today

but still cant beat the first teacher of my life,

mum and dad :)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

way back home

from my point of view, the FIREFLY :)

end of the second semester, means, its the beginning of the HOLIDAY MOOD!
3may up to 28 may, seems less
but hey, LESS IS MORE aite :)

it may be the long exhausted journey back home
still for me, this is one of the long flight home that i would never forget! EVER.
well, lets just say this time its kind of different from the others :)

and yeah, here i wanna say thanks to all who help me out
during the 'move out' from the hostel
you did help me a lot
those who i kept my stuff with, staying at my 'crib' that last night
helping with the stuffs, sent me to the bus station, accompany me

at the and
lets HOLIDAY bebeh!

got my own list of WHAT-TO-EAT! XD

Sunday, May 1, 2011

MAY 2011

may, is the fifth month of the year

which means, it comes after the month of april and before the month of june
which means, for me, the beginning of unhealthy food, plenty of foods, sleeping till the sun rise, many journeys to go and, as always, many days to faced XD
owh well, on may, the will be mothers day, teachers day, my mum's birthday, went back to kk, labuan, and then at the end of the month, THE FINAL RESULTS are out!

thats the least to think about cause, before june comes, holidays over, SEGAMAT datng memanggil, like s*hit =.='

but um, who am i to refuse those thing ait, just follow the flow and it will get better, INSYA-ALLAH :)