Wednesday, May 4, 2011

way back home

from my point of view, the FIREFLY :)

end of the second semester, means, its the beginning of the HOLIDAY MOOD!
3may up to 28 may, seems less
but hey, LESS IS MORE aite :)

it may be the long exhausted journey back home
still for me, this is one of the long flight home that i would never forget! EVER.
well, lets just say this time its kind of different from the others :)

and yeah, here i wanna say thanks to all who help me out
during the 'move out' from the hostel
you did help me a lot
those who i kept my stuff with, staying at my 'crib' that last night
helping with the stuffs, sent me to the bus station, accompany me

at the and
lets HOLIDAY bebeh!

got my own list of WHAT-TO-EAT! XD

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