Monday, May 16, 2011

teachers :)

to all who teach me soo many things
persons who so called TEACHER
those who have been my teachers for these past 19 years of my life

Tadika Muhibbah, Tadika Riang Ria, Tadika St Anne
SK Kerupang, SK St Anne
Sekolah Agama Lajau, Sekolah Agama Pekan
SMKA Limauan, SMK Mutiara

++ cikgu2 tusyen
currently, UiTM Segamat
and still counting..

thank you for everything

for me,
you guys are all awesome, great, one of a kind and
you are irreplaceable
you are part of the reason
i became who i am today

but still cant beat the first teacher of my life,

mum and dad :)


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