Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Precious, Priceless..

thanx for a great day ah kmu; diana, abg, adek, zakwan, and awng!!! having a lots, LOTS of fun today, eventhough we didn't get to play bowling.. huhu still thanx ADEK n AWNG for the shake, luv it soo much.. haha ^^

  • me and diana p makan pizza+ spagethi, abg,adek + awang, zakwan came..
  • hbs makan, adek blanja ice shake.. THANX..^^
  • wanna go play some boling, but its FULL..=(
  • we went back to bb's store to exchange pd.. ada wyg bha liau., kehkeh.. then, meanwhile, kmi nea mmg x ble duduk diam bha, ada jak mo d bwat... ahaha.. cian bb.. =}
*haha.. zakwan cap cctv tuh webcam.. then bila awang tgk tuh cctv dalam2, dia cap awang bwat cctv tuh teropong.. haha.=} abng was holding, songkok(?) bersanding tuh, and was doing a <3 style="font-family: times new roman;">
  • around2 UK, went to cd store, stop by at delihan, where anest is working, (keep it up girl).. huhu
  • then, went to parkson, c bb suru d boys cuba2 baju, mok snap their pic kunu.. haha.. then we said to awng and adek who wore track bottom to get a jeans.. haha(sorry guys..^^)
    • bb went to see caps and i'm on her back.. i've triend one of the caps and said to them,"kalo kmu x pakai, kmu gay ah.." haha.. that time, only abg was listening and diana was laugh to death sua.. apa lae, c abg pun pakai la.. haha

    • jalan2, stay2, gambr2.. and this is my dirty little skandal.. haha
    • and then, awng spent us on ice shake.. hehe.. its the 2nd ice shake for me, adek n himself.. haha
    • last port, ddk2 dkt pentas.. hehe

    its really a something la hari nea... kehkehkehe.. highlights; WORDS OF THE DAY:G*Y.. ^^

    *still' i'm hoping that kuna, and kira were there.. and ili too.. huhu.. ;}
    * picture, mostly creadit: nurdiana..=}

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