Thursday, June 10, 2010

she's going

yeah, my precious ever friend is the first one who gonna leaving us here at Labuan :'( and will be continuing study at KIPSAS

she is the special unic person named

i just want you to know and remember that
  • you are the BEST ever!
  • you are the precious treasure i've discover, EVER!
  • take care, and do the best there.
  • remember that, even that miles away makes us feel apart, i want you to kow that you will always be as close to my heart!
  • call me if you need anything.
  • know that you are a one little tiny special person!
  • gonna miss you so damn much! :'(
  • gonna love you until the day i die, and its a promise!
and it also same goes to KUNA and NAD.. what ever happends, i will always acknowledge that you are someone that have a meaning to me, someone who called FRIEND. :)

p/s: blogging while listening to Adinda by Lah VE

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