Sunday, October 24, 2010

aku di 'overseas'

living in a teenage dream for a while here.
agreed and argue with life
saying yes to that, and no to this
life doesn't seems to be easy
complicated problems keep on coming,
at this time, MUM and DAD, help me! >.<
along with family and friends, you, you,you,you,and you
near and far. old and new, I NEED YOU!
since the final is just around the corner
i'll work my butt off yeah! muahaha XD

on the other side,'F'
you change my life
thanks for coming into my life
and wanting me in your life
surely, gonna make sure wont regretting 'us'
hopefully you'll be mine always.
to much expectation might hurt us
so,let us see how far can we make
still, put some effort k
lets go to Seoul together! :3

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