Saturday, December 11, 2010

work pay off :)

things got pay on how much we work on it.
in my case,
higher that i thought, lower than i i expected. pffttt =.=
at the end of the day,
look back to what i did,
this is more than what i've been working out. :)

thank you abah, mama, rin, nur, mimi, ila.
geng baru; anith, kila, Q, nadhirah, kak fiza, kak yam BMD1T5, Part 1 DBST
girls; kira,kuna, nad, bb, ili, dba, saf, shima, all of you and those how i manage to get close this year, the boys. SERYUS! :)
and also, FARIZI ASLAN! :)
syukur alhamdulillah. ALLAHHU AKHBAR!

p/s: keputusan semester 1,
pelajar Diploma Pengajian Perniagaan Pengangkutan,
3.4 vs 3.31, i won the bet! :)


  1. waa,,ada nmaQ...ur welcome bhaa...uyoo ! tahniah laa dpt pointer tinggi tuu...hehe

  2. hehe.. kau antara sumber inspirasi aq bha sap, infact all the name i mention :)
    and those who i dnt mention, dnt worry, as long as i knew u, u r my inspiration