Saturday, March 5, 2011


this is time when we're about to lose due to exhausted
(alasannnnnn..... X3)
and thats my senior
which also the judge for the semis'

this weekend MiTeK (Minggu Terbuka Kolej)
sooooo, i'm participating in the debate team,
(to get more cop on collage activities XD)
as the representative to my collage, MUTIARA :)

the was 8 group competing.
and they all are SUPERB, DAMN ASS FUCKING GOOD!!!
*exaggeration :)
the motions are:-
1st round- THW legalize euthanasia. OPP. we WON!
2nd round- THBT UiTM should remove the ban on social networking sites- GOV. we WON! bbbbboooommmmmmm bebeh!
semi- THBT hymen reconstruction surgeries should be banned. GOV. we LOST XD

its okay, dapat masuk semi, dapat join pun its good enough
at least can have more experience. :)
but, actually, my real attention is,
mau lepas giannnnnnn!!!! HAHA
lama sdh x debat, xdapat bm pun bi pun jadilah..
and, yes, technically, its my first time joining English debate.
and it do feels great! :)

really miss my time back then, when i'm joining SMK Mutiara's bm's debate team.>.<

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