Tuesday, August 31, 2010

owh crap..

today is Wednesday, so there are approximately 4 days till LABUAN!!!! muahaha

owh shit, that means there will be 3 more days till BEL Listening test and MAT 112 2nd test. GREAT!!!

holly crap, that means tomorrow the BEL speaking test will start.. haha.. another thumbs up..

but who care, above all of this, its HOLIDAY we're talking about!!! yaeh!! haha..

wait.... ASSIGNMENT, due date after holiday.. owwwwhhhhh... damn~~~ >.<
theres TWO assignment bebeh!! haha..

and, the good news is, lepas cuti raya, LANGKAWI marieeeeeeeee...... hehe
apa lagi, jum bejoli.. haha
akan dilancarkan tabung kutipan untuk shopping!! hehe

owh well, i guess thats what college is all about, assignment, test, quiz, HOLIDAY, classes, SHOPPING, finishing your mom and dad's money, falling in love,Score in exams, gradute!! :)

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