Thursday, September 2, 2010

twisted the twist

these might be an old songs yet, it sounds great. but some of them are the latest one..

just found out bout it last week(i guess).
it gonna be my playlist started september bebeh!

check it out :)

  • i just want you -AJ Rafael
  • She Was Mine -Aj Rafael Ft. Jesse Barrera
  • When We Say (Juicebox)[ORIGINAL] - AJ Rafael
  • Showstopper - AJ Rafael
  • 500 Days Summer - AJ Rafael
  • Time To Love - Chris Brown
  • I need a girl - Taeyang
  • Love love love - FT Island
  • Aint Thinking Bout You - Chris Brown
  • teenage dream - Katy Perry

p/s: speaking test down, listening test and maths test's, next XD

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