Saturday, January 1, 2011

bye 2010, hello Segamat!

happy 2011! :)
dengan berakhirnya 2010, dengan ini, bermula lah kehidupan d UiTM Segamat bagi sesi 2011.
(ceh2, ayat tu bha.. XD)
before that, sambut new year gitu2 jak, without kemon2 (acara makan2 :3)
without fireworks, without concert.
duduk rumah jak, sbb early in the new year morning, balik Segamat sdh. :'(

then, early in the morning, bangun awal,to catch flight at 7.45.
dalam flight agak2 excited la.. hehe :)
because the best part of the day is....
my Padil is waiting me at KLIA. :)
then dia hantr pg Bukit Jalil
and seriously, xpuas nea bha :'((

well, thats how it suppose to be
xkan la mau bwa dia pg Segamat kan
(tp kalau bole, why not X3)

Alone through the 4 hours trip to Segamat, then 30 Minutes to UiTM
urus smua sendiri, angat barang2 sendiri
(+ barang2 d store, smuanya, cincai 3 luggage la.. 0.0 haha)
then, my roomates, still ngan ANITH FAZIRA :)
with to two other seniors, kak Ayu(DBS) and kak Zati (DIB)
Mutiara 253

its a feeling of 'back to school' XD
class with full of new people,
owh cant wait!
(punya la minta puji!)

suasana bila kelas bermula XD

happy with my life here, soo far XD
ended my new year with homesick!

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