Tuesday, January 18, 2011

escape ceramah :)

alhamdulillah, now in the year 2011, happy as long as i'm alive! :)
mulakan tahun baru, dengan azam dan semangat yg semakin bertambah
tgok orang sekeliling, bwat kan i 'm having the desire to have more
desire to success, to be happy even it takes my sleeping hour, online time, mandi, ketawa, whole life

walaupun aq hanya ada Tulang empat kerat yg tidak lah seberapa nea, in order to achieve my dream :')

Since I’m entering the number 19 of my life,

Which is still called as a ‘teenagers’

I want to enjoy my life as a teenagers

teenagers, got problems, pimple everywhere, get into fight, eat a lot, complicated relationship, no money, lazy to exercise, and in my case, missing my loves one because being too far from all of them, well that my decision, my choice of being here. teenagers are when we make the WRONG choice, make it as a lesson, never to repeat the same mistakes, and when it does, it do makes us to think wiser as we grow up :)

as a teenagers also, i love to rebel, alot. desire to Do something stupid, fail exams XD fall in love, drive cars without shirt license, kill people, study hard, make people who loves me, proud of me :)

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